My name is James and I am writing a blog where I can show the process I go through, from not understanding something, to having a rough understanding. The hopes is that writing it down not only helps me to remember it better but also will allow you to look at a topic and say "Yeah, I think that is Roughly Understood".

The Process

As I read through things and try to gain a better understanding, I often find that I need to be able to see the concept clearly, from end to end, in my mind before I can explain it or even understand it. The idea is that each of the blog posts on this site will contain the ways of thinking that made a concept "click" for me, in the hopes that your mind also benefits from this new perspective.

I also really enjoy creative coding (Daniel Shiffman you are my hero) so when convenient or at all possible, I intend to include visualisations of various topics in the hopes that it aids in the visualisation of the concept. On the programming side of things, I really enjoy using technology such as Rust (Bevy, Macroquad), p5.js and Raylib to create visualisations usually in a html canvas. The Rust and Raylib side of things has to be compiled to Web Assembly before they can be displayed in the browser which can also sometimes result in larger binaries (.wasm files) which could potentially lead to long load times. If this gets unwieldy then I will address it... Somehow. The blog you are reading this on is pulled together using Astro, a great static site generating framework that allows me just the right amount of control (without giving me too much freedom to over do it and write a full blown server).

A Bit About Me

My name is James and I like to code and explore ideas. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2022. After working in industry for around 2 years I have recently embarked on an exciting journey of pursuing a PhD. This blog has kind of spawned out of the endless note writing I will be doing over the next 3-4 years of my life.

I live in a beautiful part of the world in Australia, and love to walk my dog Henry (here have a picture).

A beagle, who is very beatiful