Welcome to Roughly Understood! My name is James and I am writing articles on various topics from programming to physics to electrical engineering.

People tend to over-estimate their knowledge on a topic. My goal here is to show that every understanding of a topic is a rough understanding. There is always another layer deeper we can go. I don't claim to be an expert on any of these topics. However, I do wish to write about them with the hopes that our rough understanding can become a little closer to what is really going on. Potentially looking at the problem from new and exciting perspectives.

If you find something on this site that you think could be written more clearly, or something that is flat out wrong. Please feel free to open an issue on this blogs GitHub page.

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Automatic Obsidian Graph View

Wed Jun 26 2024

Obsidian Graph View is an incredible feature that allows for visualizing the relationships between files based on manually typed links. Today we explore a small side project I have created that will emulate this graph view, however it will create the links automatically based on how similar files are.

Foray Into Fourier

Thu May 02 2024

The Fourier Transform. What is it and how does it work? Today we dive particularly deep into some of the maths and intuition behind one of the most useful algorithms of all time. Bonus, at the end of this article we draw my dog Henry with maths.

Dopplin' Around

Sat Mar 23 2024

The Doppler effect. What is it? Why should we care? and why cars go VroooOOOmm. There is also a fun animation that gives, I believe, a fairly intuitive understanding of why the Doppler effect occurs.